Business Building 3

With ever growing demand on bookings in the tourism industry, we are always on the lookout to set-up new agents with their very own travel business. 

Tell me this, how many times have you made a recommendation to a friend regarding a hairdresser, a restaurant, a personal trainer, a new body cream, etc... The list really could go on because we as human beings are always recommending things to others. 

Much like multiple other businesses out there, our's grows through word of mouth. Have you ever had a subscription to say a food or wine delivery service and when your latest box arrives, there is a ticket inside saying 'recommend us to a friend, and we'll give you £35 towards your next order'. We do just that. As someone that's been set up as an ITA using our fantastic booking portal, you'll naturally start talking to others about the business, so why not get paid to do it!  

So what's in it for you?

As a business builder, or otherwise known as a Rep who sells the home-based Independent Travel Agency business, you'll earn a direct sales commission, that 'thank you' payment for your recomendation. There is no limit to the number of Direct Sales Commissions you may earn.

Additionally to this, you'll receive 5 additional revenue streams:

  • Get paid commission when your direct agent introduce others to the business (everyone knows people that like to travel right!)

  • Unlock monthly bonuses once at 1* or above

  • Receive 10% override of your direct sign-ups commission 

  • Earn a monthly residual pay out for everyone in your organisation 

  • Be rewarded with expensive jewellery for hitting milestones ​