✈ Who can this business work for? 
Absolutely anyone! If one or more of the below sounds like you, you need to become an ITA: 
  • Do you enjoy a holiday or want to travel more?

  • Are you a travel blogger?

  • Do you travel for work or book travel for colleagues? 

  • Do you want to own your own business and get your freedom back?

  • Perhaps you're a stay at home parent looking for a home-based role you can work around the kids?

  • Run events/retreats and want to make double commission on the event and the travel/hotel stay?

  • Just fancy making some additional money? 

✈ What is an ITA
Independent travel agents are travel enthusiasts who love to share their experiences or their interests and passions for travel; often inspiring others to take trips of their own. Agents earn commissions by booking travel for others and themselves. This opportunity allows you to:

  • Book travel for yourself and earn the commission back

  • Connect with other travel professionals and build a network of like-minded people

  • Help your loved ones plan their travel 

  • Build a network of clients, helping them fulfil their travel dreams whilst earning commission on their trips

  • Create an exciting new career, or turn a passion for travel into a flexible source of income

  • Travel and explore the world for less!

✈ Do I work for Travel and Earn
No, you are an Independent travel agent and report only to yourself. This means no sales quotas or time constraints. You will be a business owner of your own travel agency. The Travel and Earn team are just here to support you on your journey, no pun intended! 
✈ Do I need to dedicate a lot of time to this business
As an ITA you earn on your terms. Whether you book travel once a year or once a day, being an agent pays for itself. You can use the money you earn to supplement your income or to fuel your continuing passion for travel. The more time you put in, the more money you'll make but you are not subject to any set hours, thats down to you. 
✈ What training do I get
No prior experience, no problem! You'll have access to many online courses, live events, respected industry organisations and other training resources (most of which are complimentary, or at a nominal fee paid to others). Remember, this is travel – and these are fun, experiential courses and events like seminars on cruise ships or theme dinner trade shows, not dry, boring classroom stuff. The more you learn, the more you earn. 

What type of travel bookings can I make?

You as an agent can make all the same travel reservations that any traditional full time travel agent can…Airline flights, Cruises, Holiday Packages, Hotel and Car Rental Reservations, Tours, Travel Insurance and more.

✈ What booking system do we use
Travel and Earn are affiliated with Inteletravel and book via their custom made booking platform.  


How do I earn commission?

Commissions on travel sales are paid to the independent travel agent for bookings of airline tickets, cruises, hotels, car rentals, holiday and tour packages, travel insurance and more, with almost all suppliers worldwide, to nearly every destination in the world. You can book most travel conveniently through our online reservation systems. But our programme also allows you the flexibility to call suppliers directly, book on suppliers’ travel agent-only websites and utilise most other available methods subject to our guidelines and instructions. Your customers can even go to your personalised InteleTravel website and do the booking themselves. And you still earn your full commission. When you enroll, we will provide you with on-demand in-depth tutorials and easy step-by-step instructions for selling travel and earning commissions.

How much commission will I earn and when is it paid?

As a new agent, you will be paid 70% of the commissions paid to for your bookings, with no sales quota or qualifications required. You can increase your share to 80% by achieving certain goals. Supplier commissions range from 7 to 28% of the travel purchase (not including taxes and fees), with most in the 10 to 15% range. (Subject to the complete Terms & Conditions of your Independent Contractor Agreement.) 

How am I paid?

You will be paid in to your back office system, much like a PayPal account, this can then be withdrawn at any time by you to your personal bank account. 

✈ When will I receive my PIN/Username?

You will receive an email confirmation of your enrolment within 24 hours that will include your PIN and a password for access to the Agents Only section of the website. This can sometimes be with you as quickly as 2 minutes after signing up. 

✈ Is there a cost to become an ITA

There’s a £142 / $179.99 one-time enrolment in order to become a travel agent to purchase your system. Then it’s only £32 / $39.99 a month from month two onwards. You’ll earn and save more than what the travel you book actually costs. Plus, our InteleTrust Guarantee ensures you’ll be profitable or your money back. (See our guarantees for important terms and conditions). Our booking system works out at £1.35 / $1.79 a day, you'd spend more than that on a coffee a day!

✈ Can I cancel my enrolment? 

You are not obligated to remain in our agent programme for any period of time. Unlike a health club or other memberships, you may leave whenever you like and stop paying any fees.

✈ How long have you been offering this franchise opportunity? 

Since 2015.

✈ How many ITA’s are there to date?

We currently have just over 58,000 independent home-based travel agents within the UK and the US. 

COVID Related Questions

✈ How are existing ITA’s finding business during the COVID pandemic?

Of course like every industry, we have faced challenges however, the tourism industry is a an 8 trillion dollar a year business, everyone wants to do it and bookings haven’t stopped. We've been able to secure millions of pounds worth of future bookings for next year, right now. On top of this, in July after the announcements of travel being allowed again, staycations booked every 11 seconds for weeks. If that wasn't enough, listen to this, in the month of March, one of our agents earn a commissions bonus of £41,500, yes you read that correctly! 

✈ Why is it a good time to join now?

From the beginning of the first lockdown that started in March 2020, up until December 2020, 5,000 new agents joined the business. The first week of January 2021, 300 more came on board. These numbers are growing weekly. 


They seized the opportunity of being at home with limited time out of the house to not only learn a new skill, but to start something for themselves and earn some additional money. They use this obstacle as an opportunity to grow, rather than excuse to quit.


Below you'll find some comments from a couple of our agents that started between March – May 2020: 


- "I think if this year has taught me anything, it's that you never know what might happen. But I like to think that I've safeguarded myself in a way, as I'm now not reliant on a full-time wage working for someone else; if I get made redundant now or in the future, I have something that pays my bills and can never be taken away from me"


- "Previously, although I'd had different ideas, I'd never had enough time to commit to launching a business, I’m actually thankful for lockdown as it gave me the time I needed to start something for myself."


- "Quite honestly, I started my business because I needed something to keep me going through lockdown. Now? – Now it’s my baby and I couldn’t be happier I did this and am working on making it my full-time job."


- "Disregarding my doubters saying it’s the wrong time to start a travel business, I jumped on board at the beginning of lockdown (March 2020) and haven’t looked back since. This slightly quieter period allowed me to learn my system, do some of the amazing complimentary training and work on my marketing plan. When travel opened up again in July, due to the marketing I had done through lockdown, I was inundated with booking requests for the UK and abroad. Thank goodness I had had the time to do all my training and learn the ropes or those enquires could have been quite overwhelming. Oh, and those ‘doubters’ I mentioned, 3 of them became ITA's in August!"

✈ Will I see a return on investment?

Inteletravel, our parter company, offer a profit guarantee, so even if you do not make any money in your first year in business, although its unheard of, you will not lose anything by trying. If you do not earn and/or save more in your first year as an agent than it costs you in fees paid to InteleTravel, they will refund you the difference! (Terms and conditions apply).

At the end of the day, the more you put in to this business, the more you will get out and there are some large commissions out there up for grabs.