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You, your family and friends will never pay more for a trip.
Plus, you earn the commission when you become a travel agent!

Earn commission back on all your travel - saving you £££

Earn additional money each month by booking trips for others. 

Opportunity To Grow Your Own Home-Based Business 

Join the community of agents & gain access to unlimited support

Access to all the training you will require to make your business a success. 

When you become an independent travel agent, you can:

  • Connect with fellow agents

  • Help loved ones, colleagues & clients plan trips 

  • Travel the globe for education

  • Create an exciting new career

  • Travel for less

Our booking system works like all other travel search sites, but we have access to:

  • Exclusive offers

  • Competitive rates

  • Insider travel knowledge

  • Destination events

  • Full service support

Once you register, you’re offered complimentary support and innovative tools:

  • Free, personalised website
  • Customisable newsletters
  • Booking tools

  • Stationary

  • Business cards

  • Email marketing program

When you book through our system as an independent travel agent, you land awesome amenities and benefits at the same price – maybe even less!

  • Reserved cruise cabins

  • Exclusive hotel rates

  • Great deals on airfare

  • Other upgrades and discounts

It’s all thanks to our travel partnerships and negotiated contracts with cruise lines, hotels, resorts, airlines and so many more.

Everybody wins


We transform travel enthusiasts into independent travel agents. You don’t have to be a salesperson to be successful. Most get started by selling travel to their family and friends. It’s a win-win. Agents earn a commission and their loved ones know they’re getting a good deal because they’re working with someone they trust versus some travel site.

Work for yourself, not by yourself

Although our agents work from home for themselves, they don’t work by themselves. Agents have numerous support channels to reach out to for advice and ideas. Plus, utilise the pre-existing relationships with top travel brands to make booking travel easy and fun.

Who needs a travel agent, you ask?

The Internet has brought accessibility to the travel industry with the ease of a button. So easy, in fact, that the perception is that travel agents have been rendered unnecessary. To that we say, untrue!

Often, when you think you’re comparing prices of hotels, airlines, and holiday packages among several top travel sites, you’re in fact just comparing companies that are owned by each other. The deals you think you’re getting are fostered by false comparisons and non-competition.

Our agents have real access to guaranteed best rates at the top hotels, resorts, and airlines. They are a uniquely trusted and valuable resource in the travel industry.

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